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The Jacquard Colorado

The Jacquard Hotel, Denver

Although this hotel is part of the Marriott chain, we couldn’t tell. The Jacquard is part of the Autograph Collection, which is high-end and independently branded. Rarely do we stay this high-end, but we had Marriott points to splurge with.

Located in a fabulous area of Denver within walking distance to a fancy shopping center, I knew this would be a great place to stay at the tail end of our Colorado vacation. Turns out the shopping center wasn’t the only thing to enjoy. The Jacquard is in the Cherry Creek neighborhood, which is voted the safest neighborhood in Denver, with great restaurants and other shops as well. If you crave super authentic Japanese meals, visit Kobe An across the screet.

The Jacquard hotel has a nice and spacious valet driveway with super helpful valet staff. I prefer self parking, so only having valet parking at $49/night was a bit painful for this regular guy. But the valet guys took good care of us, so I tried not to grumble about it. If you need to go in and out of the hotel during the day, it would be faster to use street parking, which was usually available.

As soon as you step out of the car, you walk straight into a small lobby with the front desk right in front of you. It’s a small hotel and the foot traffic was minimal, so everything was easy and pain free. Coming from the terrible experience at our previous hotel, it was a breath of fresh air….literally and figuratively. We quickly made it up to our SMALL room. OMG, this room was like an American version of a Japanese hotel room and although we had two queen beds with sleeping space for the 4 of us, it was definitely not made for a family. There were only two towel sets, so that we had to call for more of. Another sign only singles and couples stay at this hotel was that there was only one small little towel hook. We ended up hanging our bath towels on chairs and on the round modern lamp fixtures, which I’m sure is not meant to be a towel hook. Everything was crammed in. The closet was so shallow the hangers touched the wall, and a really tight and awkward spot for the ironing board. Somehow it worked though for our 3 night stay.

That said, this hotel is super duper nice, really clean, and really fancy. And really modern. Just look at the shower buttons. I can see why people like to stay here. It feels fresh (apart from the sewage smell coming from the modern toilet), the location is awesome, and it has a super cool pool, hot tub and bar on the roof. The roof stays open in the winter, but we were the only ones up there. I wanted to have a drink on the roof, but I couldn’t figure out how to get a bartender to show up. I guess I would have to call someone and didn’t want to through that hassle for just one drink. Since it was cold as hell, I’d rather hang in the hot tub than at the bar counter.

The Jacquard has their own restaurant next to the lobby called Narrative and it was outstanding. First of all, the restaurant host was super – she knew us and remembered us from day 1 and was amazing. She was multilingual, friendly, and helpful, so I can see she’s a great asset to this hotel. The breakfasts we had at Narrative sets them above every other hotel breakfast we’ve had in the US. I was expecting it to cost us a fancy penny, but it was fairly reasonably priced.

I’ve had people make fun of the fact that I always carry a small knife in my pocket. It’s so small, it’s definitely not for protection, but I can’t tell you how many times it’s been useful…. from opening boxes, cutting tags off new clothes, tightening screws, etc. Now I can add scraping off excess caulking at a luxury hotel to that list. Odd as it might be, when I used the sink in our Jacquard room, I immediately noticed there was an unusual amount of excess caulking on the back edge of the sink counter. I always pay attention to such details and found it odd it was there. You would think the maids would have told the maintenance guy or something. Anyway, I took out my pocket knife and went to work.

We enjoyed staying at this hotel, mainly because we were using points, and it was an excellent location. The rooftop was cool too and I can see it being popular during warmer months. I’d think twice about paying premium rates for such a small hotel room though, even if I was alone. There wasn’t even a decent desk space. If you are single or a couple, make sure to book a room with a king size bed rather than two queens. We saw a king room and it has a better desk space as well as more space around the bed. If I were the management, I’d make this hotel only have those rooms.

Oh, one thing I forgot to say… it’s a super quiet hotel. The walls are solid and they have a membrane under the door to filter out sounds. We never heard any other guests on our floor, which is a big plus. Kudos to that!

Some hallway pics:

Travel safe! Aloha!

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