The world as we know it!


Aloha! Welcome to My808 – our very own travel blog. We are fortunate to live in Hawaii but also like to travel and visit other fantastic places around the world, at least a couple of times a year. Living in Hawaii is expensive and we are regular workers, so our traveling budget is modest. We try to travel smart and take advantage of deals, connections, and offers as often as we can. If not, we wouldn’t be able to travel, and that would be hell. 😉

So why My808? What does that mean anyway? 808 is the area code of Hawaii – the whole state has the same area code. Simple yah!? We set out to blog about Hawaii, but realized we had so much else to write about, so many other unique experiences that we want to share. We like to explore the world. This is the world as we know it!

Mahalo for reading our blog!

Matt & Family