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Funny Swedish Sayings

It’s interesting to find that each culture has their own sayings for certain things. Although they may refer to the same things, different languages and cultures often use different words.

Translating them can be quite hilarious. Let’s look at Swedish sayings, as they are indeed most amusing.

Släng dig i väggen = throw yourself to the wall
Meaning: Equivalent to English expressions: take a hike, get lost
Usage: Throw yourself to the wall, Ronaldo. Zlatan is the best!

Sitter med arslet i brödrosten = sitting with the ass in the toaster
Meaning: Being in big trouble – similar to the American expression of “being in deep shit”
Usage: Håkan borrowed so much money he can’t make the payments, so now he’s sitting there with his ass in the toaster.

Smaken är som baken – delad = the taste is like the butt – divided
Meaning: Everyone has a different taste in things
Usage: When someone disagrees with you about how something looks or tastes, you can respond with the expression.

Ingen fara på taket = no danger on the roof
Meaning: Everything is ok, no worries
Usage: Question: I heard you got the flu, are you ok? Answer: No danger on the roof, I have recovered.

Ingen ko på isen = no cow on the ice
Meaning: No worries, no rush.
Usage: Just chill! There’s no cow on the ice.

Rund under fötterna = round under the feet
Meaning: Intoxicated, had too much to drink
Usage: I better stop drinking I’m feeling round under the feet.

Skogstokig = forest crazy
Meaning: Raging mad
Usage: I’m forest crazy about the neighbor’s cat constantly pooping in our yard.

Glida in på en räkmacka = slide in on a shrimp sandwich
Meaning: To achieve something easily, without having to work for it
Usage: People thought he didn’t deserve a job, that he had slid in on a shrimp sandwich.

Du har satt din sista potatis = you have planted your last potato
Meaning: The other person has crossed the line, and you’ve had enough

Snuskhummer = filthy lobster
Meaning: Dirty old perv
Usage: Anders’ uncle is such a filthy lobster, he keeps staring at young girls.

Skitit i det blå skåpet = taken a shit in the blue cabinet
Meaning: Someone who has gone too far
Usage: Now our neighbor has taken a shit in the blue cabinet – he built a wall blocking our ocean view.

Ta det långa benet före = take the long leg first
Meaning: To get a move on, hurry with something
Usage: We’re really late for the party – let’s take the long leg first!

So now you know why some Swedes screw up English sayings, or they sound funny at times as they may be literally translating some of their own sayings.


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